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05/2013 Anthony Chen's debut feature film Ilo Ilo which Zhe did sound design and Re-Recording mixing, won Camera d'Or - Best First Feature film - at Cannes 2013!!Jury president, the legendary Agnes Varda, talked about the film soundtrack :"There's no music in the film, we liked it a lot..(The film) was like chamber music... It is a very delicate, intelligent, well-controlled film..." It seems that our decision to create the entire world and mood with only sound design is a good one. Read reviews on Variety, Screen Daily, Pinewood Studio Group, and the Association of Motion Picture Sound 10 June 2013. Watch Ilo Ilo trailer here.

08/2012, Zhe finished sound design and mix on a documentary feature film A World Not Ours (dir. Mahdi Fleifel). The film has won the highest prize at Edinburgh Film Festival 2013- Best Film in the International Competition. Before that it has also won Peace Film Award at Berlin International Film Festival 2013, was Offically Selected for Toronto Internation Film Festival 2012 and has won numerious awards worldwide. Zhe has got a special mention on the Variety Magazine review for her "first-rate" sound work on the film. Watch A World Not Ours trailer here.

08/2011, Zhe worked as Sound Designer and Mixer on Stephen Irwin's new animation short film Moxie. The film has been shown in more than 80 film festivals woldwide, won numerous awards, including the 2011 Nelvana GRAND PRIZE for Best Independent Short Animation at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Best British Film at London Internation Animation Festival and Official Selection for Sundance Film Festival 2012.
Watch Moxie the complete film here.

06/2012, The Pub (dir. Joseph Pierce) which Zhe has worked as Sound Mixer, has won Best Experimental/Animation Short at the LA Film Festival. Here's something nice they've got to say about the film, "a haunting portrayal of everyday life in a bar in North London, seen through the eyes of a lonely bartender. At times, striking beautiful and at times, terrifyingly grotesque, the imaginative and exquisite use of animation gives the film its depth and opens up a door into the humanity of the regular characters of this joint — loners, drunks, old-timers — letting us peak for an instant into their souls and the demons that hover around them."
Watch The Pub the complete film here.

12/2011, Experimental animation feature film Babeldom (dir. Paul Bush) received Official Selection for Internation Film Festival Rotterdam 2012. Zhe worked as Sound recordist, editor and mixer for this film. The film has recently received a UK theatrical release. Here are a list of reviews: Sight on Sound Mar 2013, the Guardian, List Film, Little White Lies. Watch trailer here.

03-11/2011, Zhe worked as Sound Effects Editor on Aardman Animations' new 52-Episode animation series "Canimals".
Watch an episode The Rocket here.

01/2011, Zhe worked as Diologue Editor on Feature fiction film UFO in Her Eyes. The film enters Official Selection in Toronto International Film Festival 2011 and received cinema release in Germany, Belguim and Switzerland. Watch trailer here.

10/2010, Feature film Tangled Up in Blue (dir. Haider Rashid) for which Zhe worked as Supervising Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer, gets UK limited theatrical release. The film has also won the second prize for Best Film at the Gulf Film Festival 2010 in Dubai and then went on to be selected for the Seoul, Mumbai, Cairo, Florence and Rome Med Film Festival. Watch trailer here.

09/2010, Feature film Perestroika (dir. Sarah Turner) for which Zhe worked as re-recording mixer, gets theatrical release. Perestroika is also the "Film of the Month" on Sight and Sound Magazine's October issue. Watch excerpt here. Read reviews here: BFI, the Guardian, the Telegragh.

05/2010, In the 14th Royal Television Society (RTS) Student Awards, Brixton 85 and Yellow Belly End )- for both Zhe provided sound post for, won Best Fiction and Best Animation awards. Zhe provided sound post for 6 (out of 12) nominated films in all four categories.
Watch Yellow Belly End the complete film here

04/2010, In the British Animation Awards(BAA), Zhe provided sound post production for 2 (out of 3) nominated films in the Best Student film category, in which Yellow Belly End (dir, Phil Bacon) eventually won the award.

01/2010, BBC Radio 4 decided they wanted to create a new format for drama, something for the iPod generation – a moving story in bite-size chunks that could work as a single piece on broadcast radio or be downloaded as individual tracks. The result was the first ever ‘Radio Drama concept album,’ Postcards from a Cataclysm'. Zhe was chosen to provided sound design for the experimental piece of radio. The project received overwhelmingly positive feedback.
Listen to one of the tracks Amazing Grace here


Zhe Wu is a freelance Sound Designer / Editor and Re-recording mixer.

She received a Best Sound nomination from the British Animation Awards (BAA) and two Golden Reel Awards' Verna Fields nominations from the Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) in Los Angeles. She has also spoken about her sound works at the London Film Festival, London International Animation Festival and the Aubagne International Film Festival for sound and music in France.

When starting a project, her first aim is to try and "hear" the director's vision (the final mix) in her head. With her creative and technical mastery of sound post-production, she then tries to develop this vision through a lot of experiments and original recordings. She believes that good sound design comes from the mastery of emotion, timing, drama, music, poetry and the sensitivity for the subtle nuances that makes the difference, with support of technical means.

Zhe always tries to practice the principle: ‘whatever the smallest thing you do, always do it to the extreme with your best effort.’ She believes this is the reason for the high standard of work she produces.

She delivers her passion for sound in a very calm, patient and organised way of working. This enables an open, relaxed and enjoyable work atmosphere for people who work with her.

Zhe would love to thank her parents for supporting her pursuit for dreams. Also thanks my Dad for designing lovely logo for me!
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